FAS plugins

Open Source Project: FAS-Plugin for SysML v2

Some experimental work to support the FAS method with a FAS plugin for the SysML v2 modeling language can be followed here: https://github.com/GfSE/fas4sysmlv2/

Open Source Project: FAS-Plugin for Magicdraw

A FAS plugin release that works for both the MagicDraw® and Cameo Systems Modeler tools can be downloaded or directly from the FAS4MD Sourceforge project site. The downloaded .zip file can be either unzipped to study its content (documentation and models) – or it can be installed via the „Import“ function in the built-in Resource and Plugin Manager of the tools. The plugin ships with templates for creating functional architecture projects for a traditional system or for a cyber-physical system and with example system models, including storyboards from systems analysis. We also provide a tutorial for the FAS-Plugin, a demo video, and a user guide for the FAS-Plugin.

Vendor extension: FAS for Artisan Studio (now superseded by solutions in the product portfolio of PTC)
The idea of supporting the FAS method with a modeling tool was presented for the first time in 2011, via a conference paper by Korff, Lamm, and Weilkiens (see „Publications“). During the work on the paper, the world’s first modeling tool extension for FAS was created in collaboration with Andreas Korff from Atego (now: PTC). It was provided for the version of Artisan Studio that was current in 2011. Atego provided the extension for free. After further innovation of Atego’s mentioned modeling tool under the PTC brand, the FAS working group is looking for volunteers who could provide up-to-date modeling tool extensions for PTC’s latest SysML modeling solution.

Open Source Project: FAS-Plugin for Enterprise Architect

Stephan Roth, consultant of oose and member of the FAS working group, leads the open source project for the FAS plugin for Enterprise Architect. In April 2012 he published a beta version of the plugin. You can download the plugin from the FAS4EA sourceforge project site.